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Heat Sensitivity Disclaimer

Sweet Shop by Amaury Guichon products are packaged and shipped with great care, however, while exposed to high temperatures, some types of products can melt or be damaged, including chocolate, cocoa butter, transfer sheets, gelatin-based products, invertase, and others. We will NOT guarantee heat-sensitive products will arrive in perfect shape, but there are steps that Sweet Shop by Amaury Guichon takes and that you can take when it’s hot, to reduce the risk of receiving melted or damaged product. But because of shipping carrier issues, your order still may melt. Unless otherwise notified, Sweet Shop by Amaury Guichon will hold your order for shipping until it can be shipped without sitting over the weekend. This will minimize the chances of your order sitting in a hot delivery truck or warehouse for extended periods of times.

Sweet Shop by Amaury Guichon Recommendations for Shipping and Receiving of Chocolate and Other Heat-Sensitive Products

  • Utilize UPS Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air shipping options at check out, the less time your order is in transit, the lower the risk your package will be susceptible to heat damage.
  • Be home for your delivery , have it delivered to your workplace or an address where someone will be available to accept the package so it does not sit outside in the heat. You can also request that a signature be required for acceptance.
  • Plan your order around weekends and hot days of the week.
  • If you received melted chocolate, we assure you that your chocolate is perfectly safe to use and can be easily re-melted once the chocolate sets up. Simply place your melted chocolate in a cool, dry location and allow the chocolate to set up. Once the chocolate sets, you can break it up into chunks and re-melt as needed.